1 river, 2 towns, 500 rafters – Rock the Boat and save the music

A THRILLING rowing race will pitch Lewes versus Newhaven in our new Ouseday highlight.
Crews in two 30ft long wooden boats will compete over an seven-mile course in a new annual challenge named Ouse the Daddy. On the day you will be able to cheer from the riverbank or follow the race live on the internet, thanks to Dehaviland films who will be flying a drone camera above the boats – details to come. Mayors of both towns are calling for residents to cheer on their home boat, from the race start at Malling Recreation Ground, Lewes, at around 1.15 pm all the way down to the finish line In Newhaven Harbour. Sponsors Oakley Property have commissioned a unique new trophy for the race, which will be a highlight of the Ouseday regatta on Sunday July 9.

Lewes will be represented by Betty, a 30ft bright green cutter with a crew of four rowers and cox from Lewes Rowing Club.

Newhaven will be represented by Amelie, a 32ft bright yellow Cornish pilot gig with six rowers and cox from the town’s newly formed gig club.

Officials say the boats are fairly matched and crews have been training for months to perfect their technique and timing to increase speed and to build up stamina at around 400 calories an hour. Read full details about this historic race by clicking on the boat race above.