1 river, 2 towns, 500 rafters – Rock the Boat and save the music

After an incredibly hard fought race the Lewes boat Betty and her crew edged last year’s historic first race against the Newhaven gig Amelie by a matter of just a few inches. Newhaven have been training hard ever since, and their are out for revenge on July 1 2018.

After last year’s thriller, Betty cox (and boat builder) Ben Fowler said:
“That truly was the toughest, most superb and closely fought race in my 45 years of competitive rowing . What an honour and a joy!.”

Amelie cox Nikki said:
Right to the very end is was neck and neck. We will be back next year, and we will race just as hard. Congratulations to both Lewes and Newhaven crews for a wonderful race, and a great spectacle. We hope everyone on land enjoyed it was much as we did on the water.”

Rowing has become the on-trend activity on the Ouse. Newhaven Gig club held their first AGM in new home in Newhaven Marina recently and a second boat has doubled the fleet to meet rising demand. At Lewes, the club recently voted to expand rowing membership – so this year’s battle should be a classic.