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Raft Race Raffle

HERE is YOUR chance to win a fabulous £1,000 cash prize in our new Raft Race Raffle.

The bumper cash prize has been generously donated by Apollo Bookmakers to mark the 43rd annual Round Table charity race from Lewes to Newhaven, the main event at the Ouseday regatta on Sunday July 1 2018.
A huge thank you to Apollo.
This is the first time we have held the raffle, so please follow the guide below carefully.


Purchase the Ouseday magazine at the £3 price. Please be careful to hold on to the magazine and keep it safe and intact as we will need to see your copy to verify any claim.


On the Ouseday magazine you will see a number printed on a yellow background. The number has three pairs of digits, representing hours, minutes and seconds. For example, 02:30:15 represents 2 hours, 30 minutes and 15 seconds.
Check the result after  the raft race. We will make announcements on the day, and on our website Ouseday.com and through other news media.
If your number precisely matches the winning time of the fastest raft – you scoop the £1,000.
If your number is closer than anyone else, then you scoop the £1,000.


If you have the exact winning time, then make contact as soon as you can via the claim form here Ouseday.com. You must include your name, the raffle number on your magazine, and your contact details including email address and phone numbers. Remember to hold on to your magazine for verification.
If you think your number is close to the winning time, and there has been no announcement of a winner, then you could be closer than anyone else and you should register your number with us. You will be able to register via the claim form on our website, Ouseday.com. You must include your name, the raffle number you want to register, and your contact details including phone numbers. Remember to keep your magazine intact for verification.
The raffle will be kept open for one week to allow claims. The prize will go to the person with the closest number registered by noon on Sunday July 8 2018. In the event of a tie, the prize will be shared equally.
This raffle is part of a charity event. Each qualifying raft in the race will be given a number to prominently display and race officials will record the time each raft crosses the designated start line at Lewes and the designated finish line at Newhaven. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Round Table raft race organiser Liam Jackson will be final. In the event of technical failure with our website, you can claim the prize by sending an email with your name, raffle number and contact details to Liam Jackson at:lewesraftrace@gmail.com

Raffle claim details